Mixing Organic Beauty Products
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Our Story

All of the best ideas are created while relaxing in a bubble bath. In the spring of 2019, I came to the final realization that reducing my personal single use plastic usage, using re-usable straws, and carrying my own shopping totes wasn't enough to help make a significant difference for the welfare of our environment and the health of our planet.


I believe voting with your dollars is super important. Every time you purchase something, you are supporting whatever that company believes in and does. It's hard for me to go to the store and look for specific products that are only sold in plastic containers without feeling guilty for buying them.


That's why I started Wild Beauty. I wanted to give people the opportunity to purchase bath and beauty products that not only make them feel good, but are also good for the environment and give back. Giraffes and snow leopards are some of my favorite animals, and protecting them amongst all of the other endangered species out there means the whole world to me. I hope you enjoy our products and clean beauty brand as much as I enjoyed bringing Wild Beauty to life.

Love, Stephanie

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